Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Blogging Issues

So, I'm back to blogging after a hiatus. Has anyone ever erased their blog and then regretted it? The warning popped up asking if I were sure I wanted to do it. Well, I was sure 3 months ago, but now I'm not so sure. Has anyone had a similar experience?

So, now I'm starting over. I've got a clean slate and a lot to say. Here's another issue that I have with blogging. How do I focus? Is this supposed to be off the top of my head kind of stuff or should have a specific topic like I do when I write a newsletter or an article. This blogging thing leaves to much to my imagination. Should I run with it or reign it in? Should this be non sequiturs like my diary or thoughtful well planned prose?

My first blog started out with my photos. Each day I tried to post a new photo and talk about it. I thought this was a great way to combine my love of art history and critiquing with my own work. I quickly had trouble posting enough photos. I found I was scraping the bottom. I felt under pressure. Writing every day became writing every other day, then less and less until I wasn't blogging at all. I thought that I was probably boring anyone who was reading what I wrote. Who wanted to hear about the work of a little known artist anyway? Is it better to blog every day and bore people or to post sporadic pieces of brilliance and discourage people from coming by rarely having new material?

So, we'll try again to work through my blogging issues. I hope to talk about my year and a half in the professional art world and what I learned about the expression "starving artist." I would like to discuss a little about the arts in New Hampshire versus working professionally in a large city. I will talk about the business end and the creative side of the arts - the curator's perspective and the artist's. Finally, I hope to discuss some of my ongoing projects and how my ideas are growing as I grow as an artist.

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