Monday, February 18, 2008

Weather, Mood, and Creativity

It is 50 degrees in New Hampshire today. We have lots of fog and rain here in Bedford. While driving from a doctor's appointment this morning I began to think how much weather affects my picture taking. I generally prefer taking photographs on sunny days. I like playing with light and shadow. And as weather greatly affects my mood, I am more apt to want to be outside with camera in hand on a sunny day. Other photographers prefer unusual weather including foggy days like today when you can get cool shots of mist off a lake. Some like thunderstorms or snow. Others prefer overcast days to cut down on the shadows I love so much. On days like that I stay indoors. I prefer to take still-life photos or pictures of my cat.

But the garden can be a great place to take unique pictures when I drag myself out on a non-sunny day. When I decide to leave the kitten whiskers behind to seek raindrops on roses, I find that the weather can be my friend. It is just another part of nature that I need to accept and work with. My camera has a raincoat and so have I. I'm not going to melt. I've taken some of my best photos out on rainy spring days, but what about winter? We are covered with white and I feel uninspired, whether or not it is 50 degrees out. My creativity must plummet in February and March. Every year after New Year's I am ready for spring. Why do I live in New England?

As I stop to gaze out my sunroom windows as I write this, I notice that my junipers and pines have lovely droplets hanging from their tips. Large lovely icicles hang from my holly bushes. The red branches of my Japanese maple are dotted with water. Brown rose leaves hang delicately above the snow... Maybe I need to brave this weather I so dislike and seek some opportunities? Before I go, maybe I'll grab a cup of tea!

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