Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lady Slipper

What a nice surprise greeted me in the woods last week! The elusive ladyslipper made an appearance after a few years absence. It tucked itself away across the yard from where it last made an appearance. I'm so happy to see it again in my woods! I'm so glad it found a home here again despite the contruction of a nearby play area that upset it last time. I hope my maturing garden will offer it the peace it needs to decide to stay around this time.


esther said...

Very cool find! That is called
Cypripedium acaule. Wonderful!!

Flowers said...

You have posted wonderful picture of flower that is appreciated. Never seen anything like it.

love seat said...

Those are wonderful picture of flowers.. thanks for sharing..

Lucy Corrander said...

And what an extraordinary looking flower it is.


JWLW said...

HI: I love Lady Slippers. First time really looking at you blog. We are in Atkinson NH. Come on down and visit.

Have a great evening,