Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring Shape Up - Rhododendrons Out!

My glasses are covered with sweat drips right now, so I am squinting at the screen. I am covered from head to toe in dirt, but I did wash my hands so I wouldn't mess up the keyboard. I sit sipping a vitamin drink because I am too tired at the moment to take a shower. I need a break after cajoling two bushes into new homes.

First off today, I want to confess my slight distaste for rhododendrons. I don't dislike them per se, but their rubbery leaves are not thrilling to me and I hate playing with my soil to make them happy. My rhododendrons are slowly being moved to my property outskirts. I have spotted a cute walking stick that is waiting for me at the garden center. (Yes, it is at Uncanoonuc Mt. Perennials. I have yet to venture beyond my neighborhood this season for other garden centers. I am lucky in that I have one of the best places around to help fill my passion.) I am moving two rhodies from the front of my house. Why do landscapers always put rhododendrons right beside the front door? In my last house I replaced the front door rhododendrons with smoke bushes. They were beauties and I toyed with that idea here...but here is what I have going instead.

top: before
bottom: after

The rhododendron to the left of the door has been removed and the plant at the front corner of the walkway was moved back in its place. The walking stick will replace the rhododendron on the right of the door. My husband will be happy to have the big bush moved away from the walk so we can more easily shovel in winter.

My house was just painted a bright sunny yellow and I redid the door myself last year with stain and gold leaf. I'm feeling good about this front project...

I am hoping to keep up my regular blogging this year after a sporadic year last year. I was relaunching an old business and slowed down with my photography and garden writing. Thank you to old blogosphere friends who have stuck with me. I hope to catch up on your postings soon!

And by the way, if you happen to get to Uncanoonuc before I do, please make sure you leave a walking cane plant there for me! Time to hit the showers!

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Minnesota Landscaping said...

hmmmm!! nice look..i think red flowers are look better than other flower....i like it. best of luck:)