Monday, April 21, 2008

20 Sure Signs of Spring

1. daffodils
2. forsythia
3. weeds
(perhaps not in that order)
4. all snow has finally melted (almost)
5. greening grass
6. birds singing
7. leaves budding
8. fruit trees blossoming
9. earthworms
10. garden photo opportunities
11. garden centers opening (this week!)
12. smell of mulch and manure
13. last of the seeds I ordered arrived in the mail
14. fairy houses
15. fear of flooding
16. fear of sunburn
17. dance recitals (and dance practice on the front lawn)
18. garden tools out of storage
19. strawberry anticipation!
20. Good weather!

It looks like we'll actually have a spring this year! The past few years we've skipped right from winter to summer. The signs of spring have come, but the weather in the past has turned immediately hot and humid. Hooray for spring!


jodi said...

Great list! We have quite a few of these signs showing, (not the fruit trees budding, though, and no fear of flooding) and definitely the wEEDS. Where DID they all come from, anyway?


I actually don't have fruit trees budding yet either! I should have said, "anticipation of fruit trees budding." We do have the daffodils though.

Nancy J. Bond said...

Great list, Melissa. We're still waiting on the forsythia and fruit tree blossoms, but we're right on par with everything else in your list. :) Happy Earth Day.