Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Muse

The Muse is slowly awakening in my yard. But as the temps soar near 90 degrees, I feel her wilting.

On Monday, I dropped my photographs off at the local garden center, Uncanoonuc Mt. Perennials, where each year they agree to hang my work in their sales cabin. The gardens are just coming to life, with green popping out of the ground and flowers on their dogwood. The dogwood reminds me of a similar tree in front of my window when I was growing up. Yes, this got the muse stirring. The flowers can't bloom fast enough for me now. (May 14, 2008 - Annette Rynearson at Uncanoonuc informed me that the tree is a magnolia and not a still reminds me of my dogwood and now I have a new found love for magnolia too! Thanks Nettie!)

At home, the daffodils are starting to bloom. The crocus has gone back to sleep, but they really were just a quick "amuse bouche" for the season. The daffodils should last a little longer, followed by the tulips. The daffodil ruffles stir my fancy, but the colors are a bit bland for my photographic muse. The bright tulips start to get the muse giddy.

My muse is most tickled by round sunburst shapes, so it must be patient until June when the daisies, oseteospermum, anemone, and other round flowers, with small, feathery petals get going. Now is the time to track garden changes before the garden really springs to life. I generally take a step back with my camera to capture the landscape. During the summer, the muse asks me to move in with the macro lens to capture the sparkle of individual flowers.

I have a finicky muse, but I've learned to work with her. She generally knows what she likes. I need to warm her up for the season and spring serves this function. Unfortunately, we've seemed to jump quickly into summer this year. Last year we had too much rain. this year we are headed toward drought. The muse is confused and restless.

What gets your muse going?

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