Sunday, April 6, 2008

Random Sunday Ruminating

Among the common bulbs I have in my garden is the modest little crocus. The crocus ushers in spring for me. I always remember the crocus as the first blossoms in my garden. Just when I feel the snow is not melting fast enough...the blooms arrive. They arrived this morning.

I just started digging my new garden yesterday. The perimeters of my my yard are still surrounded by snow, but the center of the property is soft enough to drive in a spade.

I see that the moles were busy at work over the winter. I am going to try to chase them away by burying fish heads in their holes. I picked this tip up in a gardening book I read this winter. The poison I used last autumn obviously didn't work...I'd prefer to go natural anyway and I'm heading to all natural throughout the yard this year.

My husband told me that since I canceled lawn service last year that he planned to go pick up Scott's 4 step. I told him, "I don't want that crap on my lawn." He smiled patiently at me and told me that it is cute when I curse. Since I don't do it often, he says he knows I'm serious when I do. He also told me that he thinks to himself, "Isn't it cute? She's trying to curse." I guess I can't be offended in any high school athletic director nicknamed me "the ivory soap girl." Twenty years later I'm not quite so pure, but I guess I haven't thoroughly changed either. Anyway, I told my hubby that I have a plan to use natural things on the lawn... as well as slowly changing over to clover . (But the clover part is between you and me okay? I"m easing him into it.)

The spring iris bulbs, tulips, and daffodils are poking through the snow and straw mulch I laid down last year. The foxglove is already green and looking plucky. The roses bushes show green branches.

Plans for the week...digging, raking, and picture taking. Hooray!


Nancy J. Bond said...

Isn't it just the loveliest feeling to see those first blooms...or anything that's green, for that matter. Especially this winter, which seemed particularly loooong for most people. :)


Yes! Green has become my favorite color. I thought the white stuff would never go away!

Esther Montgomery said...

I'm perplexed.

Why clover?

Esther Montgomery



Clover lawns require no chemicals. They stay green. They require little water. They require less mowing. They maintain healthy soil conditions with proper natural chemical balances, bugs and microscopic organisms. Whereas, in chemically treated grass lawns, all these good things die. (not too great for the environment.) The first clover lawn I ever saw made me a convert last year. It was the most lush lawn I’ve ever seen. The lawn was soft under my feet and gorgeous. I’ve also recently read that chamomile lawns are also lovely. My husband is skeptical of all of this.