Monday, June 16, 2008


We have had a good amount of rain on the tail end of this spring. Luckily we have not had the flooding we have had in past recent years. The weeds have really set in, but the soft soil made them easy to remove. The rains have even done me a favor by washing the heavy pollen of the season from my windshield.

This spring, I got to wear my red rain boots with white polka dots a few times I love wearing them out to the compost heap. It makes me feel very storybookish. I traded a pair of pink boots with big daisies on them for these. I am not a pink person -- at least in my personal attire. The pink suited my friend Regina nicely. Plus, the pink pair of boots only came right above the ankle and the red ones go all the way up to mid-calf. These are better for splashing in the puddles with my daughter. ( A fun activity that I think we've done together exactly once!) I love polka dots. My daughter has a pair of ladybug rainboots with antennae and all. We go very nicely together.

Unfortunately, thanks to the rain, I have also not been out into the garden the past couple of days. I am not a rainy day gardener. the few times that I have tried to garden in the rain it has actually been fun. But I must overcome a lot of internal resistance to actually get out there. I am a sunny day person. I hide inside on rainy days. When I think about heading outside in the rain, the first thought that usually comes to mind is "My hair will frizz!" I have very curly hair that I blow straight despite my sister trying for years to convince me to wear it curly. I do not think that I am a vain person in general, except when it comes to my hair. I like the sun. It makes me happy. I enjoy the rain when it is accompanied by thunder and lightning. For me, a rainy day is a chance to catch up on housework. I have a shot of keeping my hair from curling if I just stay inside anyway.

So, the laundry beeper has just gone off twice. I've done three loads today...a great way to spend a rainy day!

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