Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shaker Gardens Revisited

I returned to Shaker Village yesterday. In my first Shaker Village post, Victoria from Victoria's Backyard commented that she visited Canterbury Shaker Village a few years back. I figured if an Englishwoman enjoyed it, perhaps my Canadian cousin visiting from out of town would too. Thanks Victoria!

You know when you do not see a child for awhile how you are struck by how much they have grown? That's how I felt returning to Shaker Village one month later. Flowers are in full bloom and vegetable gardens are no longer bare.

My gardens have grown this season with me watching them every day. I am excited for their bloom, but only when I saw how far someone else's gardens have come in a season did I realize just exactly what a difference one month can make. Nature is amazing.

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Daphne said...

Tag your IT. I've tagged you on my blog.