Sunday, May 18, 2008

Garden Portraits

This is what "Garden Portraits" is all about.

While working in the garden today, my daughter sat and ate her snack on a rock near me. The sun had not yet risen above the tall trees in that part of the yard. The tree behind her (I'm not sure what it is) is in full bloom. She chose her own outfit today and it was certainly fit for a portrait. I looked up from trimming the yew and said "May I take your portrait? You look beautiful!" The light, my daughter, the setting...everything came together. These times make the best pictures - serendipity in the garden. My husband came out right after I had retrieved my camera. He and I were not dressed for the occasion, otherwise I would have run to get the tripod for a perfect family portrait too. I snapped a quick pic. of him with our daughter and handed the camera to him to do the same for me. We may not look our best, but the memory of our unexpected portrait session will last - funny faces and all!

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