Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why Do You Blog?

Blogging offers one a forum for communication -- a chance to make your voice heard. A blog also allows the writer to gather her thoughts and try out ideas on others to see how they are received. Blogging allows us to become part of a wider community, to seek out the expertise of others who know more than we and to offer our own advice. Friendships are made through blogging. Sensitive topics can be discussed in a tell the whole world kind of anonymous way. Afterall, there is the possibility that everyone is listening, but how many of our readers really know us personally? Blogging allows us to keep a diary easily, remembering changes in our lives from day-to-day and year to year. We are encouraged in our efforts by responses from others and therefore the diary goes on. It is easier to avoid the journal sitting near my bedside than the computer I use every day anyway and our fans. (Hello? Is there anyone out there?) If you are fairly new to blogging, as I am, blogging can become like a game. How many people can you get to read your words? You can even gain some notoriety or kudos.

Alternately, blogging takes a lot of time. I could be gardening right now instead of writing. Or, I could be working on my next book, looking for my next client, exercising or planning my lunch...(hmmm, I am getting hungry.) Yet, this idea hit me and here I sit.

I view myself as an idea person. I have lots of ideas coming at me all day long. There are too many for me to attend to. When I was getting to know my now significant other twenty years ago, I told him that I wish I had a typewriter in my brain to record my thoughts. (Now I want to say a computer chip instead of a typewriter, but I'm afraid that raises an image of a sci-fi computers taking over humans kind of thing.) Blogging allows me to get out thoughts, like this one, in short bursts. I do not need to make the idea into a major project, yet all my little ideas are working into this wonderful little blog that seems like a worthwhile large project when put all together. Little ideas can make big things...

I convinced a friend of mine to start her own blog the other day and she told me this morning that she began her writing yesterday.. Her husband doesn't understand why she is doing it. (Is he afraid she will say something about him?) Though I have not yet seen her blog, I know it will be very different from mine. In time, she will find her own community of bloggers. It will make her feel good. Her husband doesn't have to understand. She won't need me to read it to think it is worthwhile to do it. We are great friends, but I'm sure our blogging relationships will take different paths.

I would love for you to share the reasons why you blog. Here are some other things for you to possibly share if you respond. How much time does it take you each day? Do you think about your blog even when you are not actually blogging? How do you plan what you will write each day? Do you keep other blogs? If so, what are they about? Where do you see your blog heading in the future? Do you keep a personal diary? What emotional satisfaction do you think you get from blogging? Is anyone disturbed by your blogging? Have you ever blogged about something you regretted later on? Who do you think reads your blog and does it matter to you if anyone reads it at all?


Daphne said...

I started blogging about a month ago. I think my reasons may be different from other people. I'm an artist (at least right now) and I find it uses certain parts of my brain and the other parts of my brain languish. Your brain operates under the heading of "use it or lose it". So I decided to find a way to use another part. I really contemplated math. I love math. I used to be able to integrate in imaginary space, but that was 25 years ago. However math would have been too easy. It is how my brain works. Writing on the other hand is hard. It would be really difficult to take that up. I wanted to try writing short stories with my son who is a freshman in college right now, but he wouldn't do it. Too much work. I knew I couldn't do it alone without someone to bounce ideas off of. So I figured a blog would be doable and it would force me to write everyday. I had two choices for my blog that seemed natural to me. Two subjects seemed natural choices to me. I had a couple of choices for what it would be about. I didn't want a random blog about me, but a more directed one. So I picked gardening. I'm out there every day so always have something to write about. Though I'm not sure what I'll do in the winter.

I have no idea how long it takes me each day. Some days it is fast. Some days it is slow. It is really hard for me to write so I think it takes me a lot longer than most. Even a comment like this can take forever to write.

Esther Montgomery said...

How much time do I spend on my blog each day? - hours and hours and hours!

I write only about two-hundred words per post but it takes me a long time to whittle away everything unnecessary.

I think about it all the time.


P.S. My family is very tolerant!

Anna said...

I talk too much and tell too much. But people seem to really like that. I was doing great with my blog until I put some personal information on there about selling my old house. I think it caused a break in to our new house. Long story short---I'm starting over with a new blog. Same name--different host. I'm attached to the name. I've had it for years and not willing to give it up.

I love to blog cause I don't know many woman as talented as those who blog. I learn so much from the blogs I frequent. It's reality TV. I'm hooked.

You are talented too and I love how you think and see the world through your camera. I sometimes think though that your true talents might be in more areas than just photography. I use to teach school and you are a multi-talented person. You could do just about anything you set your mind to.

Esther Montgomery said...

Anna - I'm glad you put this comment here. I've now updated my 'Reader'.

It's interesting that you mention 'women'. This was something that struck me while I was reading Mellissa's post - why is it that so many more women write gardening blogs than do men?

Men garden.

Men write blogs - lots of them.

So why don't more men write gardening blogs?

Or do they?

Is it that women especially like the way Blotanical operates (co-operates?)and those of us who use it (rely on it?) miss out on blogs which aren't on its lists?



Linda H. Feinberg said...

I started blogging in March of this year. My husband jumped in too. We are both writers and I am a student artist as well. I enjoy putting up our creative efforts. I try to post something every week, but don't spend a great deal of time on it as I am running my own business as well. I have over 25 years of journals & poems, so I can always find something to post. Love your photos.