Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spreading the Love

I took my dear friend Regina to Uncannonuc Mt. Perennials today. I love our girl field trips! Her son Leo accompanied us and was content to play in the sandboxes that are so thoughtfully provided so mommies can spend more time looking. Our girls were in school. I controlled myself today. I bought two sedum that I eventually planted in a place for which they were not intended. So, I need to return soon to pick more plants to fill the spots that were meant to be filled. But the golden color of Sedum rupestre 'Angelina' is striking and the plant requested that I place it at the top of our very long driveway for everyone to see when they drove up. The plant did not want to be placed next to last year's "very boring" (the sedum's words not mine) green sedums I planted last year. Sedum is another new found passion. It threatens to get out of control like my new hydrangea passion, but I digress...

How much fun is it to shop for plants with someone else? And even more selfishly fun for me, my dearest Regina is not yet a true gardener. (See May 4 posting for what makes a true gardener.) How much more fun is it to shop with someone who knows little about plants so asks for your opinions on what to get? It is starting with a blank slate. It was pretending that I don't already have ten rose bushes, ten azeleas, six hydrangea, two St. Johnsworts...well you get the picture. I didn't need an excuse to pick out more of my favorites. I now have Regina as my blank pallette. I shall live vicariously through her!

Yesterday I went to Lowe's with Sara, another super close friend. I'm shopping with goals in mind and sticking to them so far this year. My goal was to buy a trellis to cover up the ugly pipe that allows my leachfield to breath. I plan to grow morning glories over it. I also purchased some zucchini seeds. I know I bought some earlier this spring, but they are lost in the shuffle somewhere. Sara was on a mission for plants, but she knew what she wanted - Some kind of annual that they didn't have. An annual? Come on Sara! That's no fun! How about the lovely hydrangea here in the corner? On the good side, when we got back to Sara house, she dug some plants out of the garden for me to take home! Oh boy, I felt like I won the lottery.

Well, it's nice to spread the gardening love. Regina doesn't have plants to share yet, but she will one day because I am determined to make her love manure and rocks. Enjoy the rest of your day everyone. I'm heading out to dig up some Melissa Officianalis and rosemary to drop at Regina's house on the way to pick the little one up from school.


Matt and Jen said...

Oh that's sweet! As a newby myself, I'm sure Regina doesn't mind one bit that you live vicariously through her. heehee
You probably save her a lot of trouble, time, and money by helping. I love love love 'girl days'... -Jen :)

Mrs Be said...

Yes, it's great fun going plant buying with someone else. I'm off to a favourite garden centre this weekend with a girlfriend. There will also be tea and cakes. Perfect!


We had a tea party in a friend's garden earlier this year. It is really a perfect experience! And girl days are one of my favorite things