Saturday, May 3, 2008

Nim's Island

I wanted to share a movie my family thoroughly enjoyed today that I think other nature lovers may enjoy too.

My daughter has been waiting for Nim's Island to come to the theater for months now. She read a book about the movie earlier this year. Charmed with the story, she convinced my husband and me to take her to see the movie version. All three of us were entertained and my husband an I agreed that Nim's Island is the best movie we've seen in awhile (including those for older age groups.)

Short Summary: A girl named Nim (Abigail Breslin) settles with her marine biologist father on an "off-the-map" island in the Pacific. The two live in an upscale tree house like home, surviving primarily off the land. One day, the father gets lost at sea. Now on her own (at least temporarily,) Nim reaches out to her favorite author who is a writer of adventure stories. Presuming the author to be the heroic adventurer in the stories she loves, Nim asks the author to come find and help her. The author (Jodi Foster) is really a woman who is fearful of everything. Overcoming her fears, she leaves her apartment in California to find the girl and assist her.

The story emphasizes the family living with nature. Nim raises and cooks her own food. She explores a volcano; Hunkers down during a monsoon; Fixes solar panels on her home so she can use her computer; befriends animals. The lessons are wonderful, emphasizing respect for nature, bravery and kindness. I already know that we plan to buy this one when it is available on DVD. Enjoy!

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Mrs Be said...

Oh, thanks for this review. I'd seen a trailer for the film and wondered what it was like. Might try and take my eldest three to see it (or more likely wait for the DVD!).