Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ten Ways to Recognize a "Real" Gardener

1. Can't pass a garden center without stopping
2. Can't go to a place that sells plants without buying something
3. Asks for plants for Mother's Day / Father's Day
4. Can list the bloom times of different flowers and identifies each month by the flowers that bloom during that time
5. Has a favorite gardening tool
6. Doesn't mind the smell of manure
7. Can find at least 5 uses for a large stone and rejoices when one is dug up while gardening
8. Desires to plant enough berry bushes to share fruit with the birds
9. Tells everyone on a rainy spring day that the plants can use the water
10. Loves the feel of worms between the fingers

Please add more to this list! I'd love to hear what characteristics you think make a "real" gardener...

Melanie's post today just gave me an idea for #11 - Can't go to a garden center without saying 'got it, got it, got it...'


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Will attempt to transplant a rose bush as big as a VW Bug. Great post.


Nancy J. Bond said...

7. Can find at least 5 uses for a large stone and rejoices when one is dug up while gardening... Yes, indeed! I did this very thing at my parents' home today, and found a perfect spot for the rock in a perennial bed, despite my mother's apprehension. :) Hee! I don't think I can add to your list, but I'll give it some thought.

Esther Montgomery said...

I fail!

I can onlu own up to numbers 6 and 9.



I"m surprised Esther! I pictured you as a worms between the fingers gal!

Esther Montgomery said...

Worms - I'm fine with them if my hands are already muddy.

I think it's something to do with age - in my childhood, I'd go round collecting them in a bucket so I could look at them, poor things; or most of my life, I've been indifferent, they are simply 'there'.

Then, more recently, I've started getting squeamish.

Not badly so. Just wouldn't include them in a list of delights!