Sunday, July 20, 2008

Monarch Migration

As monarch peak season approaches in my area of the country, I am reminded of my sister's love of butterflies. We often found her hanging out in trees or running through neighbors' yards with her braids swaying in the breeze. she spent all summer long with a butterfly net in hand. One year, Liz decided to "tag" monarch butterflies to track their migration. She placed her address on little tags, caught a large number of butterflies, put them to sleep, then glued the tags to their wings. When the butterflies came to, they staggered around the yard, drunk from the alcohol used to label them.

My butterfly bushes should be in bloom within the next few weeks. That's when my butterflies arrive. If we decide to help with the butterfly tracking, we will follow the advice from MonarchWatch. Every kid I've met enjoys butterflies. (Though now that I think about it, my little impish next door neighbor from childhood enjoyed pulling the wings off them. I recommend that you steer your child away from this particular activity.) Tagging butterflies is a great way for them to learn about science and geography.

My daughter has her own butterfly net and like my sister, she is a little red-head. I can just see her now, sitting in trees and running through the yard with her braids sailing in the wind...

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