Friday, July 18, 2008

Praise for Yellow

The one garden color that really floats my boat is yellow. This time of year, the yellows come out in abandon from my potentilla to the St. Johnswort, verbena, to yellow roses, daylilies to my personal favorite (well one of my personal favorites anyway) Rudbeckia. Yellow makes the world sunny. Waves and waves of yellow make me happy. What is your favorite garden color?

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Amy said...

Me too! I really love yellow. When we renovated our first home we painted the livingroom/dining room space the most wonderful yellow. People would walk into that room and literally stroke the walls with their hands. I would use the same colour in our current home if I could, but it just wouldn't work somehow - not the right colour for this house.

Yellow flowers have such a wonderful way of lighting up the garden.