Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bring on Spring!

How still this morning is. We had about 6 inches of snow here in New Hampshire yesterday. It was the type of snow that drips off the trees after it settles for awhile. Yesterday, my daughter and I walked down our long driveway to the mailbox when the weather eased a bit. I was wearing my winter hiking boots. She wore her sparkly princess shoes. The snow was mush under my feet. She giggled when the snow got on her tights and into her shoes, until I scooped her up and stomped downhill. She started shouting "Melt Snow Melt!" Our new mantra. I joined in and I'm sure the neighbor who was out plowing got a nice chuckle. At the mailbox I set my little girl down and we walked back up hill. She took giant steps to step in the footprints I made coming downhill. I moved a little in front of her and dragged my feet to make it easier for her to step in a clear spot. We giggled and talked, knowing full well that this snow is just temporary. It made it okay that it snowed on March 28th. After a long winter of over 110 inches of snow -- the most snow New Hampshire has seen in over 100 years -- We are done with it. I have good feelings that this is the last of it. (Famous last words? Have I cursed the weather gods now?) And now the spring morning sparkles before me. The sky is glowing orange through my wooded landscape and fades into a baby blue. The first green leaves that I saw pushing out of the ground two days ago will show themselves again sometime this weekend as the snow melts in the high 40 degree weather. The anticipation of late spring is almost too much for me now. I have visions of flowers in full bloom. I imagine true outdoor garden portraits with smiling children in landscapes of green and vivid colors. Dresses and shorts, bows and sandals. Bring on the garden! Bring on spring!

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Robin's Nesting Place said...

It sounds like you are a wonderful mother, who cherishes every moment. Good for you, they grow up so fast.

That is a lot of snow. I'm sure you are ready for spring after a winter like that. I hope it arrives for you and your daughter soon.