Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I want a greenhouse!

Today I want a greenhouse! I want it now! The snow came back. It wasn't supposed to come back. This past weekend, I told my husband that spring was on the way and he laughed at me. "There will be more snow," he said. We had some nice melting going on, despite the two feet remaining on the ground. I was hopeful...Then, I opened my eyes this morning. SNOW! And to top it off, it snowed all morning. Okay, so it didn't stick well and we don't have to plow. But it did snow and I am incensed. I am done, done, done with snow. (Do not laugh at me mother! You who live in Florida. Just wait until August and then I will be the one laughing. HA!)

So, I want a greenhouse. My husband says that it is cheaper than moving. (I've been hinting at wanting to move to Hawaii, but he refuses to respond to me on that one. Perhaps though this "hint" was what made him more open-minded to a greenhouse...hmmm)

I received my bio-domes from Parks Seeds last week, but they are certainly not the same as a greenhouse. The idea of the bio-dome is lovely and in actuality I'm sure it will be remarkable, starting my veggies indoors this year and giving them a leg up on the growing season...but imagine walking into a glass house, ripe with the scents of soil and plants. This house would be filled with the aura of happy plants, growing despite the snow on the ground. The sun would always shine on my greenhouse. I could grow herbs all year long! I could even put a rose bush in there (couldn't I?)

I've heard of a wide variety of greenhouses and methods for getting one:

1. salvaging old windows to fabricate one's own design from scratch (I'm not talented enough to do that, but maybe my ever-so handsome and talented husband could if I can pull him away from his plane building. Did I mention how handsome he is and what a wonderful husband he is? Flattery will get one anywhere.)

2. acting too busy to even consider finding my own greenhouse / acting sooo busy that my friends feel sorry for me and decide to surprise me one day when I get home with a greenhouse that they bought and put together for me. (One of the gardeners I interviewed for my book said this happened to her, but I think she really was too busy and she was away from home a lot more than I am....hmmm.)

3. Finding a greenhouse on Craig's list that someone is so anxious to get rid of that they sell it to me dirt cheap AND offer to put it up for me.

4. Winning this week's powerball that is valued at over $200,000,000 and moving to Hawaii...

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