Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tiny Dancers

I sometimes turn my photographic attention indoors to tiny dancers. This past week I photographed my daughter's ballet class, which has become an annual tradition. What a pleasure it is to see the kids' tiny pointed toes and great big smiles. The girls remind me of tiny blooming flowers. Every year with their growth comes greater poise. It is amazing how little ones who otherwise run and play with great vigor, but often little grace, can stand so beautifully in ballet shoes. They mind their teacher and reach up their arms like beautiful sunflowers facing the summer sun -- shoulders back and heads held high.

I look forward to April (more likely May in my yard, where the snow is still two feet high) when my tiny floral dancers begin to peak their heads out of the ground. Daffodils and Tulips will sway in the spring breeze reminding me of my tiny dancers in the studio.

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Anonymous said...

Great dance photos!

Wendy (Allison and Victoria's mom.)