Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Gifts

The heralding of spring for me is similar to a child's anticipation of Christmas. I've declared today the unofficial start of good weather. Yes, there is still snow on the ground. Yes, last night the window was howling and the wind chill made it feel like it was in the teens...but this morning the trees in my woods are calm as the sun slowly brings its orange glow over their tops. It feels like Christmas eve.

We have been invited to join our closest friends at their home for the holiday tomorrow. I am on a mission today to find the perfect plant for them. I want one that is easy to keep indoors and then transplant to the garden when the weather warms up a little more. A hydrangea might be in order. I will also be bringing the kids some seeds to plant - flowers? vegetables? Ah yes, and I should bring a pretty little pot so they can watch the seeds grow on the windowsill. I also hope to get some small plants for my closest friends in the neighborhood. I think Easter lilies may be the perfect spring inspiration. Most of my friends are non-gardeners, but I'm determined to convert them. After all, what makes the anticipation of spring more excited than the idea of getting out to watch the plants push their way out of the ground toward that orange glow? I want to share the passion.

Last year my daughter's easter basket contained gardening gloves, seeds, a trowel and gardening shoes (with kitties on them.) This year we started seeds in a biodome to begin the spring celebration. This year, at age four she eagerly awaits the gardening season as much as I. The passion is being transferred to the next generation. This year too, I have offered my daughter's closest friends a space in our garden. Each child gets to pick her own vegetable to care for. They will also help us grow a sunflower patch to make into a clubhouse for their play dates.

There is joy in knowing that a gift plant will give beauty, happiness, and learning opportunities. There is a joy in welcoming spring with friends. Thank you nature for the gifts.


Mark said...

Here is a great gardening gift! I thought your young gardeners would enjoy an indoor gardening adventure, growing the TickleMe Plant (Mimosa pudica). Recently featured by the National Gardening Associations Kids Store,
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TopVeg said...

A space in your garden must be the best gift you could ever have given your daughters friend. I hope she enjoys it.


Thank you for your comments. Topveg, I hope that our little friend likes the garden too. I'll keep you posted!